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  • All diplomas come with an embossed gold raised foil seal
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Fake High School Diploma template #1Fake High School Diploma template #2
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Fake High School Transcript

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In addition to the features mentioned at the top of this page, our fake high school transcripts also list the high school name, the high school's address, the student's name, the student identification number, and the date of graduation. Our transcripts include classes in the most commonly studied subject areas in high schools across the United States including: Science, English, Geography, Mathematics, History, Social Studies, and more. In addition to these classes, you can customize your transcript by adding your choice of French, German, Latin, or Spanish language classes!
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  All high school diplomas come with our State Board of Education embossed gold diploma seal

Sample diplomas shown with computer generated signatures.

Hand written signatures and blank signature lines are also available.

All high school transcripts are printed on light blue security paper.
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