If you are you looking for the most realistic looking fake college and university transcripts available on the web then you have come to the right place! Our transcripts have been designed to look 100% authentic starting with accurate coursework that has been carefully researched and compiled from real college catalogs for each and every one of the nearly one hundred degree and major options we offer! So whether you select a two year Associates degree, or a Doctorate level degree, you can be certain that the classes we provide on our novelty transcripts will be appropriate for the degree and major you select. Add one of our available replica school seal and even your most skeptical friends, family, and colleagues will be convinced it's the real deal! 
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Fake college university transcript

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To pass inspection, our fake college and university transcripts come standard with all of the information that an actual transcript would including: the student name, the student identification number, the degree and major, the student's final grade point average, the date of graduation, and the date the transcript was issued by the school. We also offer partial transcripts for those customers who don't want their novelty transcript to show that they have graduated yet.

To top things off, we offer many low cost options to our transcripts that will make them virtually identical to the ones issued by actual colleges and universities such as: a detailed academic key printed on the backside of the transcript, an imprinted "Office of Admissions and Records" seal, and your choice of "Official Transcript" or "Issued to Student" red ink hand stamps. Add these finishing touches to your transcript, and only you will know it's fake!

All of our college and university transcripts are printed on light blue transcript security paper that features numerous security features including: hidden message technology (when copied the words VOID appear on the copy), secure rub icon ("OFFICIAL DOCUMENT" icon in the center of the page disappears when rubbed or copied), premium erasure protection (patterned light blue background shows any erasures or alterations to the document), and coin activated security print (the words OFFICIAL DOCUMENT appear on the back edges of the document when rubbed with a coin).

Our transcripts are available with computer generated signatures and blank signature lines.

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